Advocacy & Consultancy

I've been working in queer and trans community advocacy for the last 10+ years, across a wide variety of sectors. I'm here to help.

I have a breadth and depth of experience that I’ve developed across my career, which helps me provide support across a range of complex contexts. My specialty area is healthcare - both in terms of general rainbow competency and access to general healthcare, as well as gender diversity and gender affirming healthcare specifically. I’m currently managing a national workforce development project for primary care around gender affirming care - training GPs, NPs, and primary care practitioners around Aotearoa to ensure trans and non-binary people can access really great, affirming care no matter where they live.

I’ve supported single-sex, private, boarding, and faith-based schools in developing policy and procedure around how they support their rainbow students, paired with professional development for their teams.

I’ve helped pools, gyms, and recreation venues ensure they and their staff are well-equipped to not only support their trans and non-binary customers, but also adequately and confidently respond to queries and concerns from other patrons.

At Qtopia, we’re happy to help with questions and requests for support from anyone looking to better support and include their rainbow whānau, clients, patients, customers, students, and more - send us a message - we’re here to help!