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Kia ora e hoa mā!

Busy week this week! Let's get into it:

KOMAINE - Mirage

This is a huge tune for a debut single and I love it so much. It's a little ambient and droning and the vocals really just bring it up a notch, and when it kicks in proper it is just so big and good. I'm really keen to see what they do next!

Orangefarm - Do Me In

This one comes with a recommendation from Hinemoana Baker, which is pretty rad - she calls em one of her fave NZ bands. They're Welly-based and this tune just has such a nice vibe, and some really neat elements to it.

Monty Bevans - Lovers Again

This one is real cute, and has a real cute video! He's got a little write-up about the tune that really spoke of a specific feeling or aesthetic that I think absolutely comes through in the tune & vid:

'Lovers Again' is a story about a couple I met in Arthurs Pass whose daughters have all moved out into the world. Mum & Dad left at home in a big house with the height markings on the door frame...south to a smaller place and scared witless...

Lisa Crawley - You Got Me

Lisa Crawley is another long-time fave - I first started listening back in 2013 when I reviewed All In My Head, and it's been so good following her! This new one is just as fantastic as I've come to expect from her.

Janelle Monae - Crazy, Classic, Life

I don't think I even need to say anything about this. What a babe. 1) go read her Rolling Stone feature 2) go listen to all of Dirty Computer. This tune is just a wee taste, the whole album is SO GOOD.

Frankie Cosmos - Apathy

This tune is off their recent LP, Vessel (which I also highly recommend you go listen to) and they've just released this single with a fantastic video!

Being. - Fold Into the Sea

This is the first of a pretty neat split project with Ha the Unclear and Soaked Oats ahead of a tour with all three of them, starting on the 18th at Blue Smoke here in Ōtautahi. I'm not super with Being. so this was a real nice surprise! It's a real good tune.

That's it for this week! If you didn't know already, part of my RDU work involves helping out with the Singles Club, which is a super neat Patreon project that creates a split 7" from two new releases each month and gives 50% of the Patreon takings to the artists! Check it out and consider backing!

Til next week!
Jen x