Roundup 10 August: Hybrid Rose, Tiny Ruins, Lucy Smyth & more!

10th Aug 2018


Roundup 10 August: Hybrid Rose, Tiny Ruins, Lucy Smyth & more!

10th Aug 2018

Kia ora whanau! What a week for new music! Let's dive right in!

Hybrid Rose - UFO

Another single from Hybrid Rose's next album, WARHOL, dropping later this month! It's a huge tune and maybe one of my faves, hitting that perfect line between party banger and sweetly nostalgic! I had a real good chat with Rose over the weekend for the leadup to WARHOL and it's real good, so keep an eye out!

Fraser Ross - In the Rain

Switching tack a little - this one is a great example of some gorgeous NZ folk. Fraser has a gorgeous voice, and the band he's pulled together (he lives in Lyttleton, the others in Wellington) sound wonderful.

​Tiny Ruins - How Much

Any Tiny Ruins news is good news, and this is very very good news indeed! It's such a gorgeous tune, and I feel like her sound is so iconic even when it varies that How Much feels like a very sweet homecoming.

The All Seeing Hand - Royal Oil

This single actually dropped back in June, but I've included it here because the album it's from, Syntax Error, is out! I finally managed to catch them live when they played here a few weeks ago (and only then because we opened for them...) and damn they put on a good show. This track is just as bassy and ominous and rhythmy as you'd expect from them, it's real good.

Princess Chelsea - Wasting Time

It really is a week for good releases from some of my faves, eh? I feel like Wasting Time is a bit of a shift from her usual approach, and from I Love My Boyfriend, her last single - it's less breathy and a bit more forceful, and I really dig it!

Lucy Smyth - Ghost

This debut from the new solo project of Lucy from Sparkle Kitty is very exciting! Great alty/electro poppy production and a real good vocal track - I'm real excited to see what she does next!

Brian Tamaki & The Kool Aid Kids - Tunnel Vision

This is a real good track from a real exciting thing - local cassette/vinyl label Melted Ice Cream have put out their first CD, a compilation album of 20 new tracks from Christchurch artists, and it's out today! It's really massive and there's some real real good stuff out there, as well as THREE release shows in Christchurch (check out Melted Ice Cream's Facebook for all the deets)

I've also been putting together a Spotify playlist of all the tracks I've selected for radio this year - you can listen here! It's in weekly order and a solid 11 hours long...

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