It's a full moon in Libra tonight in Aotearoa, so I sat down this morning and did a full moon reading for myself, using Labyrinthos' spread specially for it.

The deck I used is the Numinous Tarot by Noel Heimpel. It's just had a successful kickstarter for its second print run, and will be on sale again soon - head to Noel's website for more information.

The full moon in Libra spread - Justice is placed in the middle to centre. Above is the Star, down and out on either side are the Dreamer of Bells and Two of Vials, down and out again are the Three and Four of Bells.

The spread consists of five cards, starting at the top and going down, left to right.

The first asks 'Where in my life is there a lack of equilibrium? What is out of balance or in conflict?'. I drew the Star, which immediately made a whole lot of sense to me. Overwhelmingly, the thing I've been struggling with lately is having hope, and knowing where to go and what to do next. The last lunar cycle has been super hectic - Kahlo died a few days before the last new moon, so this has really been a cycle for grief and processing.

The second and third call to things that may be in conflict, or out of balance. Labyrinthos describe both as 'one side of the conflict', but I've found it more useful to think of them as potentially being either two things that are in conflict with each other, or sitting on an imbalanced scale together, or two things that point to the same issue that is causing conflict or imbalance.

I drew the Dreamer of Bells and Two of Vials, and I think I'm going to need to sit with these for a while, because their meanings are still feeling a little cloudy. The Dreamer is a wielder of truth and knowledge, determined to make their mark, while the Two of Vials is all about balanced and equal relationships - attraction and reciprocity. The Two is interesting - I'm quite comfortably long-term single-by-choice, and I think that comes into play here a bit, because while there are a number of incredible, loving relationships in my life which this card comfortably represents, it can be easy to be made to feel by heteronormative social norms that being single is a failure, and it's something I definitely dwell on more than I'd like.

The fourth card asks 'what can bring these two sides together? What can I do to unite and rebalance the scales?'

I drew the Three of Bells, which is interesting because the Two came up in my daily focus this morning. The Three is all about change - rapid, difficult change. There's grief here, there's shattered dreams. Reversed, the Three calls for picking up the pieces, so perhaps that's what I need to do.

The final card asks "what is the right thing to do, regardless of my emotional desires?" Interestingly, I drew the Four of Bells - a bell heavy morning, eh? This is I think one of my favourite cards - I always get this lovely sense of peace and calm from it. The Four follows the shattering and change of the Three with a call for rest and recovery, and indicates that the stability necessary in order to take time to rest is there. It calls to find and listen to new dreams, to take care of yourself and be receptive. The last month has been this conflicting mess of grief and processing vs stress and financial panic, and I've just started to settle at a point where the money issue isn't as desperate, so this card in this position makes a whole lot of sense right now.

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