Kia ora whanau! Sorry for this one being a little late this week - had some health flares that delayed things.

LUMP - Late to the Fight

This one was a bit of a surprise, and definitely a good one! I've long been a fan of Laura Marling and this tune is so good.

A.C. Freazy - Only One

This is a new one from the Auckland producer, after his debut EP last year. It's got a real nice funky beat that I think has been cropping up in a few NZ tunes lately!

Beach House - Black Car

I really love the steady beat and the vibe of this single, off their latest album, 7, out this past week. I'm not super familiar with them but have been digging the album!

Carb on Carb - Mitimiti

Oh my god I cannot stop listening to this album. I love the guitar tone, I love the nostalgia, I love how they've leant into emo with their very clear style and sound. This tune is the last on the album, and I've included two of the others in previous letters. The album is called For Ages and is out wherever you listen to music - I really recommend you go listen.

Grouper - Driving

This tune actually came out back in April, but I missed it at the time so it's here! A gorgeous quiet ballad with a beautiful piano ensemble, it's so intimate and gentle.

Lafayette Hudson - Oh, Carol

A Christchurch local, a few people recommended this new album to me, it's a home recording that definitely has that kiwi home-recorded sound (I have banned myself from making Flying Nun comparisons in this tinyletter)

Sarah Mary Chadwick - Five Months

This is another album I will not stop listening to. I'd been quietly excited for its release - this single dropped on Wednesday ahead of the album on Friday, and god, her writing, lyrics, the keys and how she keeps her voice quite casual/with the accent still clear just really cuts right to me.

The sitwe was down for a little last week - sorry if it affected you! It's back up and running, as you see - I've set up a ko-fi for hosting costs, if you're so inclined.

Aroha nui! x