Kia ora e hoa mā! Good week of tunes this week - and heaps of local Ōtautahi releases!

Dead Little Penny - U 4 Me

I'm very excited about this release - their most recent, Honeycomb, was fantastic and U 4 Me is definitely a real strong follow up! It's got a quite grungy feel that I really like. I also really like that it was written all the way back in 2013! Frontwoman Hayley Smith has a neat statement about it:

"I wrote this song probably in what I would say the most challenging and low points of my life. In my 20’s, facing a divorce and a complete life change, I sat perched on the end of the spare bed at my mum’s house, and really got down to business and pulled out all my uncomfortable feelings.

Basically, I felt like a total failure at life and love and I really needed to dig deep to look at that from a songwriting perspective. I’ve waited a few years to bring this out, and it just feels like the right time now."

Yippy Skippy - Other Girls

This is a new one to me! Yippy Skippy is a local producer, who also plays with Electro Jax and * JOY * (admittedly I haven't come across those before either!) Other Girls is real upbeat, dirty, dancy, and I definitely have it stuck in my head.

Hadassah Grace - Ruined Women

I'm so happy about this one! Hadassah Grace is a fantastic poet, and this wonderful video was directed by the cat-wife extraordinaire Audrey Baldwin. The poem is an amazing reclamation of anger and violence and strength - cw for discussion of sexual abuse & misogyny.

Follower - Waimakariri

Another local release, Waimakariri is from Follower's just-released album Resource, and I really dig it! I gotta admit, I'm not usually a huge fan of reggae beats, but I really love how he's combined the reggae and dub with the almost screeching electronics - plus, as I've mentioned before, I'm really keen on tracks in te reo!

Finn Johansson - Love Bomb

I really enjoy how soft and sombre this one is, and how producer/songwriter Finn has blended this with a compelling steady beat. The collaborations on this are great too - he's started to work with Jono Nott (ONONO, Broods) on the production side, and will continue doing so, but this tune also features strings from Anita Clark (Motte, New Dawn) - a fantastic local violinist who frankly does incredible things with loop pedals.

Jaggers x Lines - Soft Little Lights

Fresh out today from Dunedin's trip-pop/alt-pop duo, Soft Little Lights is grungy, it's jazzy, it's got such a good beat and I love it! Check it out!

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