Kia ora koutou!

Sorry for this one being late as well - it's been wild! I'm hoping to get em up and scheduled a lot more regularly soon.

Courtney Barnett - Sunday Roast

I'm always here for new Courtney Barnett, and this tune coming out just ahead of the new album (which is also out now!) really excites me. It's quite a cute tune, a little different to what you'd expect from her.

Joe Blossom - The Breaking

A new video for a tune from his 2016 album, All of the Above! I really dig the descriptor 'croon-hop' he's been using lately, and this track definitely fits the bill.

Kane Strang - Not Quite

Another video release for an older tune, Not Quite is off his 2017 album Two Hearts and No Brain, which I think probably ranks pretty high on my best of 2017 list! It's an album I had on repeat and I keep coming back to it, so I'm real glad this track has got a video release too!

Mitski - Geyser

Oh hell yes, new Mitski. This is a bit of a twist away from Puberty 2, and god I love it so much. Pitchfork has a really good write-up on this if you wanna get into it, but definitely give it a listen.

Tāl - What You Are

This really excites me - a new twin sister duo out of Auckland, making electro-folk with tinges of Indian Classical. It's gorgeous, they have a whole EP out, and I really recommend you go listen.

The Response - Only in the Night

Christchurch indie-pop gang The Response are out with a brand new single, Only in the Night. I covered one of their real early releases for NZ Musician a while back, and it's so good to see what they're up to now.

That's it for this week! Mā te wā!

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