Roundup 20 July: Latinaotearoa, Hybrid Rose, Fanau Spa & more!

20th Jul 2018


Roundup 20 July: Latinaotearoa, Hybrid Rose, Fanau Spa & more!

20th Jul 2018

Kia ora koutou! Another week, more tunes!

Latinaotearoa - Under the Sun (feat. Melodownz)

Oh god yes I'm so happy about this - so happy I kind of accidentally let it slip last week (you may have noticed it in the tinyletter subject line). Latinaotearoa have announced their third studio album with this beautiful beautiful tune - just please go get it in your ears right now. I'm also very excited to hear the album features collabs with Nathan Haines, Laughton Kora, and Team Dynamite too! Influencis et Collabis is out July 27 (and they're playing Darkroom in Ōtautahi on the same night!)

Ready Sett - Netflix + Chill

This tune was actually released late last year, but it came in my inbox this week and I super dig it! They're a Welly-based pop/punk outfit, and this tune in particular is such an ear-worm!

Hybrid Rose - New York (feat Jahleel)

This is very exciting! I interviewed Rose early last year ahead of the release of her debut album, Cosmic - and it's getting very close to the release of her second! It's dropping mid-August (and it's a stunner, watch out for it), and this first single is a real strong one. The feature, Jahleel, is a US based electro-pop singer, and the two's vocals blend so so well.

Fanau Spa - River

Every new Fanau Spa release excites me and this one is I think different to the first two. It's quite chill and downbeat and reflective, and it's absolutely gorgeous.

Fat Freddy's Drop - Trickle Down

I love this a whole lot - a new one from Freddy's tackling the false 'trickle down' economic model right from the first line. Alongside this tune they've announced a 12" due 'later in 2018' and a star-studded tour in Jan next year featuring Bailey Wiley, The Black Seeds, Salmonella Dub, and Ladi6 - those'll be great shows.

Dudley Benson - Zealandia (Stef Animal remix)

I'm a huge Stef Animal fan - ever since I came across possibly the best cover of Be My Baby ever - and her latest earlier this year, Top Gear, was a fantastic album. This remix of the massive title track from Dudley's album is real slick, and I'm a massive fan of the thick vocal effects.

Finally, the Christchurch WORD fest programme has been announced - and I'm really excited to be doing a few things! Trainwreck & I are DJ the Neu! Ōtautahi! Incident poetry night alongside some actual legit superstars, which is going to be super fun - tickets and info here. I'm also appearing on a neat panel organised by the Pantograph Punch, discussing under appreciated NZ artists & what it means to be (or not be) part of a national canon - info for that one is here.

I'm working on some new music review/interview content as well - keep an eye out for that soon!

Mā te wā,

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