Roundup 25 May: Skymachine, Miss June, Louis Baker, JessB & more!

25th May 2018


Roundup 25 May: Skymachine, Miss June, Louis Baker, JessB & more!

25th May 2018

Kia ora koutou! Let's get right into it!

Skymachine - An Oil Painting in the Corner of the Room

This one fell into my inbox back in the first week of May, but it's just been released today! Skymachine are an Ōtautahi based group, and this is the first single since their debut EP. And wow, it's so so good. Like alt-disco pop good, I love it so much.

Bares - Montage

Bares are new to me, and I'm so glad I heard this. They're an all-woman electronic indie pop group, which is already great, and then this track is just so gorgeous. They describe it as a "broken-hearted dance track that communicates within the tender last moments of being with someone you love" and it's so good.

JessB - Set it Off

This one came out a while back but has a new video release, and honestly I'm gonna take any reason I can to include JessB. The video is SO good, definitely go watch, and then go listen to the whole album.

Louis Baker - Black Crow

I think my first proper encounter with Louis Baker was on Pacific Heights' Buried by the Burden (which rapidly became one of my fave songs ever) and god I'm so happy I had that encounter. His voice is so so good and it really shines on this track, with that fantastic funk beat.

Miss June - Twitch

I somehow missed this when it first came out a few weeks ago, but Miss June are another of my fave NZ acts, and news of an album coming out this year is so exciting. This video is so good and fun, and the track is great. I swear they keep getting better!

The Adults - Bloodlines (feat. Estere & JessB)

To be completely honest, I did avoid listening to this initially because of a gut reaction to Jon Toogood, but fuck I'm glad I got around to it, it's so good. Definitely not what first came to mind when I read the phrase "Shihad frontman's new project", this track is drony, it's visceral, and Estere & JessB's features are fantastic. Get in!

This Way North - Nothing to Say

Also a bit of an older one, this tune was released back in March, and this live video in early April, but they're touring in early June! They're a Melbourne duo, and listening to it, it's incredible they're just a two-piece. I really really dig this track - I recommend you check out their tour dates (especially the 'Sass the Patriarchy' event in Auckland!)

Mā te wā!