Roundup 5 April: Carb on Carb, Boycrush, Esme & more!

5th Apr 2018


Roundup 5 April: Carb on Carb, Boycrush, Esme & more!

5th Apr 2018

Kia ora koutou!

To start off, a little bit about myself and this newsletter! I've been producing for broadcast radio since I was 18, starting on bFM's NZ music specialist show, Freak the Sheep, before joining RDU 98.5FM with my own show in 2016. I've always been super keen on supporting NZ/local music!

This year I'm one of RDU's playlist curators in the alt/indie profile - meaning I keep an eye on the email as well as a few other sources for neat new tunes and submit 5-7 each week for playlisting. This is where I'll chat about the tunes and share listening links - if they're not public by the time the newsletter goes out I'll make sure to include them in a later edition.

So, this week!

Carb on Carb - Nicole's Express

I'm real exciting about Carb on Carb's upcoming album, For Ages - the lead single from it that came out a few weeks back, It's Been a Rough Year, was so good, and the second single, Nicole's Express, is just as great. It's got a real nice nostalgic feel with a little pop-punk feel and it's just gorgeous. The accompanying vid is real cute, too.

Boycrush - Demi-Pointes

An Easter treat from Boycrush off their album Desperate Late Night Energy due for release in June, I'm just so in love with the vocals on this one. The combination of the super laid back tone with the calm but steady beat and that vocal layer on top is so lovely.

Esmé - I Wonder

This was a new one for me - Esmé is Sydney based, this is her second ever single, and it's just so beautiful. Definite soul vocals with a perfect backing layer and a bridge/turnaround that feels kinda unexpected and it's perfect.

King Woman - I Wanna Be Adored

This one came out back in Jan but I only came cross it in the last few when a friend introduced me to King Woman's work, and oh my god. The reverb and bounceback is just phenomenal and the distanced vocals is one of my fave things right now.

Mali Mali - Remembrances

Oh this is a special one for me! I've been following Mali Mali since way back & the news of their upcoming album made me real happy. This lead single is gorgeous and for me really feels like the best of what he's done so far combined with a new-ish direction (or really, elements of the old sound enhanced and focused on) to create a lot more of a layered sound. I love it.

Plum Green - Baby Bird

This is a real interesting one, I hadn't heard of Plum Green before but it seems she's been releasing tunes for well over 10 years now! I really love the sound on this one, the grungy style combined with the whole aesthetic of the track/album art is a stunner. This tune is available on a 7" with a so-far unreleased b-side, and her album Sound Recordings is out in May.

Yve - Run Away

My favourite thing is when I get something new from someone I've never heard of in my inbox and it's a total stunner, and Yve's Run Away is definitely one of those things. She's from Invercargill, and this is her third single. Her voice is just absolutely amazing, and the production and songwriting back it up so well. Yve is definitely someone to keep an eye on I reckon!

That's it for this week - it was a full one for sure! Catch you next week - I'll do one per week, sending them out Thursday or Friday.

Aroha nui,