Roundup 6 July: Lontalius, Polyester, Fanfickk & more!

6th Jul 2018


Roundup 6 July: Lontalius, Polyester, Fanfickk & more!

6th Jul 2018

Kia ora whanau! I know I said early last week I'd be back to normal and that totally didn't happen... but here I am! It's been such a good week for new tunes with some of my fave acts dropping new stuff - what a treat! Here's a taster from the last fortnight:

Fanfickk - Cotton Candy

I first heard Fanfickk in their collab with Hybrid Rose a few weeks back, and this new tune is so good! And the video is amazing! What's not to love!!

Polyester - So Cool

This is a tune off Polyester's self-titled debut, and the first single from this album, Maybe, became an instant fave of mine (and is permanently on my dj playlists). I'm so excited to have a full album and it's so good! It's disco and it's dance but it's also nostalgic and also full of real good strong lyrics that make me feel strong and fulfilled and vulnerable. Where Maybe is dancy-while-introspective, So Cool feels a little bit more in-your-face in the verses and I really enjoy it.

Lontalius - I Wanted Him

This is also so so exciting! I'll Forget 17 is one of my all-time favourite albums, and Lontalius has been quietly teasing new music for a while, and now it's here! The longing and sadness is still there, but with a new spin or a new vibe or something I can't quite put my hands on. Eddie puts it really well himself:

"people tell me they hear longing in my music. i’d agree with that.
on ‘i’ll forget 17’ i wrote about the intense teen feelings, and understanding that they would eventually come to pass. they did, of course, but i just got older and found some more things to feel. that’s how it goes."

Illbaz, Melodownz, & Raiza Biza - Outchea ft Dirty

This group's last release, Live Stream, was real good and I'm super excited to see more - the album, High Beams, is due for release later this month!

Huia - Āio

A new one from an artist I wasn't familiar with, this tune is SO good. I'm really keen on music in te reo (not in the least because it helps my own comprehension) and the production on this is so beautiful - it's from an EP out on the 20th!

Mitski - Nobody

I love Mitski and I love this tune! I'm very excited about the album, due in mid August, from this second taster. The beat is so good and combines with the kinda nostalgic ballady-vocals so so well.

Marlon Williams - Make Way for Love (ft Pou Tiriao Singers)

This is just gorgeous - Marlon Williams performing the title track of his recent album, but with vocal backing from the Pou Tiriao choir. Take a few minutes out of your day to watch and listen, because wow.