Kia ora! A little late/early this week - things are busy at the day job (in very exciting ways)!

Soccerpractise - Kaua Mate Wheke

Soccerpractise are maybe one of my fave bands, and new stuff from them is always so so exciting. This track starts off quite different for one from them, with gentle folky guitar, before heading into more familiar territory, with a really fantastic electronic tune that reminds me of stuff from Portishead and Dimmer. The tune references the whakataukī 'kaua e mate wheke, mata ururoa' - don't die like an octopus, die like a hammerhead shark. The premiere of the video has a real neat chat with Geneva Alexander-Marsters about it.

Moon Lander - Another World

This one's quite lovely - it's Anthony Lander, of Wellington dreamy psych folky band Moses. Moon Lander was actually the name of an album he released solo, which has then developed on into this. It's real catchy, and definitely has traces of that Moses sound!

Meer - WHOA ft. JessB

This is so exciting - WHOA is off Meer's latest 2-track EP (the first track, EAST MIDDLE, being a solo tune). If you're unfamiliar, Meer is half of COOL TAN (formally Heavy), who I'm a huge fan of - so it's real real good to hear this. Sniffers has a real good little feature on Meer & the EP.

Goodnight Japan - Shit Hits the Fan

This one was a bit of a surprise - I tend to focus on NZ music but this new-to-me crew have come across my lists twice this year! Their first single, Rush, was a little grungy, nostalgic, and heaps of fun. This follow up is a little slower, just as grungy, and still nostalgic but less rose-tinged & fondly looking back and more "shit, this is about to end". Trouble Juice have a real good premiere interview with them.

NAVASA - If I Ever

Another step outside NZ, NAVASA are based in Maryland in the states. This tune is a real nice production, with a really great ethereal electronic sound, and the lyrics are "about the death and ultimate loss of [Tammy Sue Everett, frontwoman']s father and two brothers, and the chance that they will reunite in the beyond someday".

That's all for now - chat again later this week! If you're Ōtautahi based, next Friday 31st I'm DJing Camp!, a drag & dance night, with Trainwreck - and then we're both also DJing Neu! Ōtautahi! Incident the night after - so come get your dance on! The morning after I'm speaking at Explosive Archaeology about my fave under appreciated artists (at the wonderful hour of 10am after two late nights...)

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