Kia ora! It's a busy day for releases - this is coming to you a day early - you'll see why!

The Adults - Take It On the Chin (feat. Kings)

The new Adults album has been a whole exciting process - The Spinoff did a real good interview with Jon Togood about it all which has endeared it to be even further. Really you should go and listen to the whole thing, but this is one of my faves (alongside Bloodlines, too, in particular). It feels both sad and lost, and angry and ready to fight at the same time - "we can't be the only ones who feel this way / (are you ready for a war?)".

SWiDT - Praise

This is something new - SWIDT have announced a new EP, The Most Electrifying, and are premiering it tonight at 7pm via a live streamed game of Fortnite on twitch! The EP is 6 tracks long and includes Who Run It (released last month) and this new one, Praise. It's a good one!
(if you're reading this in the future and missed the live stream, check out

Skymachine - Free Tonight

Skymachine are possibly one of my fave local acts (despite never having caught them live...) - their last, Oil Painting in the Corner of the Room definitely caught my ear, and Free Tonight is a pretty damn good follow up. It's poppy, it's dancy, the synths are great.

Fables - We Could Be All

I'm a big fan of this - NZ has a real good history in the folk/indie folk scene and whenever there's a strong new entry I get quite excited. Jess Bailey has a real nice voice for this. I'm excited to see what the rest of the album brings - it promises 'a cast of musicians who have played a part in Fables development since its inception'.

Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By

If you've taken a look at Spotify this morning you'll have seen it - Tom Scott (YGB, Home Brew, etc) has taken over with the first single from his new project and a whole slew of releases from the back catalogue, rarities, etc. The single itself is super promising, and super significant coming in at seven minutes long. If the whole back catalogue is a little daunting, he's also curated a playlist of 20 you should check out.

That's it for this week! If you're Ōtautahi based, FEM SCREM are playing with the All Seeing Hand & Motte over in Lyttleton on Saturday!

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