I offer tarot readings at a sliding scale, generally via an audio recording, but a video or phone call is also an option (at extra cost).

Many read tarot as a form of fortune telling, and I believe in some circumstances this can be how it plays out - however, I primarily use tarot as a tool for self-reflection and suggestion, and this is what my readings tend to focus on. I will go through each card in the spread and interpret them, then summarise the spread and suggest some things to reflect on, consider, or think about.

I offer general readings, readings into a specific topic or area (such as work or relationships), readings with a question in mind, and specialised readings such as full-moon spreads. If you're wondering if I offer a particular thing, get in touch!

Recorded readings are generally about 20 minutes long, depending on the spread, and include information on the deck and spread used, and a basic explanation of the structure of tarot.

For more information or to book a reading please email me at [email protected]