Jennifer Katherine Shields is an artist, advocate, web developer and event producer from Ōtautahi, Aotearoa. She previously studied at the University of Auckland in both a BFA and a BA, focussing in sociology and history, particularly queer theory and history.

Her own artistic and curatorial practice stems from her academic background in queer history, theory, and sociology, as well as her background in queer and trans activism and advocacy. She is especially interested in social construction of concepts, identities, and institutions, examining the validity of long held ideas and values, and figuring out what's next. Jennifer is also interested in alternate spiritualities, especially as to how they relate to the queer community and queer experiences. She is a tarot reader and a party witch.

Jennifer has been working, volunteering, and freelancing in the arts in both creative, curatorial, and administrative roles for nearly a decade. She is currently working with Pegasus Health on improving gender-affirming care in Canterbury, and is 2IC at Qtopia, a social support service for LGBTQIA+ youth, their whānau, and their communities, serving the wider Te Waipounamu.

She is also a partner in Glitterbox Pursuits.

In the past, Jennifer has worked or created works for Artspace (Akl), RM (Akl), trans/forming feminisms 2015 (Dun), RDU and Toi Moroki (Chc).

Music promo: music@jenniferkshields.nz
General contact: jennifer@jenniferkshields.nz