I'm a confident and engaging public speaker, educator, panel chair, and radio host, with a wide range of experience, and I'm available!

Tackling Hate: Facing Up to Fear and Loathing in Aotearoa →

Sat Oct 21 2023

I'm speaking on a panel at the Nelson Arts Festival alongside Tusiata Avia and Byron Clark on hate and disinformation in Aotearoa, chaired by Madeleine Chapman.

Webinar: Adult transgender patient care →

Mon Sep 18 2023

I presented a webinar alongside Dr Rona Carroll for the Goodfellow Unit around providing support to trans patients in a primary care context, and on building welcoming, inclusive, and safe healthcare environments.

Guest lecture: Community Development - Concepts, Practice, and Dynamics of Change →

Mon Sep 11 2023

I gave a two-hour guest lecture on my work in and for community, from activism to advocacy, outlining my path into this mahi, what I think is critical for students looking to work with our communities to understand, and what I see coming next for Aotearoa's queer communities.

The Importance of Writing Queer Joy →

Sat Aug 26 2023

I was invited to chair a panel for WORD Christchurch on the importance of writing queer joy, especially in our current context, with authors Shaneel Lal, AJ Fitzwater, and Karen Healey.

Artist Life School: How to Hold Space and Speak in Public →

Tue Jul 25 2023

Being an artist is more than just making work - it’s also about presenting it to our peers and the public. From exhibition openings and whakatau to artist talks and panel discussions, we’re likely to be put on the spot and expected to speak about ourselves and our work in public at some stage.

NZ Principals Federation Conference →

Fri Sep 16 2022

I presented a workshop at the NZ Principals Federation annual conference to principals from around the motu, helping them best support their rainbow rangatahi.

NZ Area Schools Conference →

Sun Aug 21 2022

I presented a keynote session and a complementary workshop at the NZ Area Schools conference in Ōtautahi Christchurch, speaking to principals and school leadership teams from rural schools around Aotearoa.

Pecha Kucha: Why I Stopped Fucking with Gender →

Wed Apr 05 2017

when people think of ‘transition’ it’s usually in binary terms, and it’s usually thought of as ‘complete’ – changing your name and pronouns and birth certificate and going through whatever medical processes are available or necessary. most importantly it’s thought of as the only way, the one everyone does. but that’s not the complete trans experience. a lot of people do most of those things and a lot do some and some do none at all.